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CWDM SFP is a kind of single mode transceiver used for Gigabit Ethernet and fiber channel applications. It is made up of three parts: a uncooled laser transmitter, a PIN photodiode integrated with a trans-impedance preamplifier and a MCU control unit. The wavelengths of CWDM SFP are between 1470nm and 1610nm distinguished by different colors. Most commonly used CWDM SFP transceivers include CWDM SFP 1470, CWDM SFP 1490, CWDM SFP 1510, CWDM SFP 1530, CWDM SFP 1550, CWDM SFP 1570, CWDM SFP 1590, CWDM SFP 1610. CWDM SFP can support the high performance of 1.25Gbps data rate and 80km distance of signal transmission.



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