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Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connector is the terminal end of an optic fiber, it is easier and faster for people to joint different devices with connector instead of splicing which needs other tools for connection. The connector allows light pass through optic fiber. There are many types of connectors, such as SC connector, LC connector, FC connector, ST connector, and MTP/MPO connector. Different kinds of connectors are varied in different connector size or connecting ways. Generally, one system will use the same type of connectors.

Fiber Optic Connector.gif

MPO connector is a Multi-fiber Push-On/Off connector used for the joint between devices and optic fiber. It is designed for high-density light transmission in high-speed bandwidth and data network. The difference between MPO connector and other types of connectors is its larger size of multiple connectors on one end and a single connector on the other end. MPO product is available with 8, 12, 24 and 48 connectors which allows the operator to change channels simply by repatching the fanned-out side of the cable. There are two structures of MPO plug, one is the female plug with guide hole, and another is male plug with guide pin.

MPO connector.jpg

LC connector is a widely used fiber optic connector to joint equipment and optic fiber together. LC connector stands for lucent connector. It is a small form-factor fiber optic connector designed to provide horizontal light waves vary from 1280nm to 1624nm. It is considered to be the replacement for SC connector due to a 50% smaller size of a 1.25mm ferrule.The shape of connector is the same as SC connector but also smaller. LC connector is available for the push-pull function which is convenient for installation and uninstallation and is favored for single-mode.

LC Connector.jpg

SC connector is a snap-in connector used for high performance transmission. First invented by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) in 1980s. SC is abbreviated for Square Connector owing to its square shape, and has a 2.5mm ceramic ferrule for providing accurate alignment. It is adopted in the same coupling way and pin as FC connector. SC connector is now one of the most popular connectors in the world because of its cheaper price, easier push-off installation, high-temperature and high-pressure resistance.

SC Connector.jpg


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