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Reasons for Choosing Third Party Transceivers

Demands for third party transceivers have been rapidly increased over the years. More and more people prefer to use the third party transceivers rather than the official-branded ones. You may wonder what is the charm of third party transceivers? What’s the difference between third party products and original ones? There must be some reasons for their popularity. This article will talk about some possible reasons that encourage us to use third party fiber optic transceivers.

What Is Third Party Transceiver?

First of all, we need to know the concept of “third party”. Third party products are often seen in the technical world. They are neither made by the OEMs – original equipment manufacturers (first party) nor by the users (second party), but by the another vendor (third party) who can also provide the same solutions. You can find lots of third party suppliers in different industries. These companies usually have high degrees of specialization in their field. Sometimes, when a company establishes its own brand but still supplies other brands’ compatible components, it is also considered to be a third party for other OEMs. In the same way, a third party transceiver is made by the third party vendor, but functions as good as the official-branded transceiver.

Benefits of Third Party Transceiver
Low Cost

Project budget is always one of the important considerations. Buying third party transceivers can definitely save you a great deal. Actually, the transceivers you purchase from an OEM are not as “original” as you think. OEMs also buy their transceivers from master suppliers who code and label the transceivers for them. But why are these transceivers still more expensive? One possible reason may be the cost of transceiver testing and validation, but the majority of your money is pure profit that goes directly into the OEM’s pocket. From this perspective of view, choosing a third party transceiver is much more cost-effective.

Consistent Availability

Many third party companies regard the sales of transceivers as their priority, therefore they take the availability of product more seriously. In the third party websites, different sorts of transceivers are always purchasable all year round. And some of them can also provide customized transceivers according to your requirements. This makes the purchasing of third party transceivers more flexible and provides the customers with greater convenience.

High Quality

Third party transceiver providers usually source their products from the same or equivalent suppliers used by OEMs. They may not use the same testing procedures, but most transceivers have nearly 100% success in compatibility with the corresponding OEM equipment. Therefore, if you want to make sure your transceiver is fully compatible with OEM devices, it is very important to ask your third party supplier about which OEMs and product lines they specialize in, and to inquire about detailed information on their testing procedures. Generally speaking, the quality of third party transceivers from a good vendor is the same as the quality of original brands.

Long-time Warranty

A good third party transceiver provider will offer the customer with long-time warranty on their transceivers. Even with name brand OEMs, it is inevitable that the transceivers you bought will fail at one point. Failures happen most frequently when the networking software or data center hardware is updated causing incompatibility with existing optics. An ideal third party provider will be able to troubleshoot and replace the transceiver for you at a minimum time and cost.


Today, many users still feel strange and insecure to third party transceivers. This is because they don’t know the third party products very well. However, with the maturity of third party providers, choosing the third party transceivers will become the future trend.



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